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Are they not just the cutest family ever. Well sadly Jen and Joey are moving away for the summer! And by the time they get back we will have moved. So we had to fit in just one last session before they left and i have always wanted to do a shoot with a canoe. And just look how beautiful they turned out.


I had the pleasure of photographing a friend of mine this past week, and it was so much fun. Her blog Oktopodes is ah-maze-ing. You seriously need to go check it out. Plus how gorgeous is she? And on a  side note, I need to make a point to photograph in green houses more often.


Peyton is one of my photographer friends in town and when i got my new camera i asked her if she’d be so kind to help me test out it’s limits and figure out which settings worked best for me! Peyton and Jeff are just the cutest couple! i mean look how cute they are in all these photos. I’m so excited for my upcoming shoots with this new camera!

Also, I’m really starting to love these snow shots! and I’m going to be really really sad when all this snow disappears ( i know! i cant believe I’m saying that myself!) although i’m thinking spring will make up for it!


Now, I don’t normally do infant sessions. But i had to make an exception for Baby Wilson. And how could i not! look how adorable he is! Jen and i have been friends for years. and if you have been following me then you have seen her pictures all over my site. I’ve had the opportunity to photography almost every milestone in her life ( minus her wedding and engagement 🙁 …. i was in Oregon) and i’ve enjoyed every moment of it. but a baby is a different a story. he was so sweet and precious i could have just sat there for hours and watched him sleep. This session was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Baby’s are such a blessing.



Thursday November 1st Thru Sunday November 4th

(must book on days above for discount, session must be scheduled before November 11th)


any session. bridals, couples, engagements, family ( up to 6)
(weddings excuded)

What you get:

30 minute session

10 full size jpg images of my choice with print release

Need Christmas card pictures?
Just got engaged?

Contact me today to book your session!


Jen is probably one of my best customers. I did roommate photos for her back in 2010, and she’s been asking me to take photos of her ever since! Even when i moved back to Oregon she kept messaging me asking when i was coming back to rexburg! so after i got married and was forced to happily moved back to rexburg with my husband, she was one of the first people i called up! and buy am i glad i did! just look how awesome these pictures turned out! and she’s also the first person i could convince to actually get into a river.

The best part might actually be that after i got back from the photoshoot and i was soaked up to my waist the first thing my husband says to me is not “why are you wet?” but instead he said “so you got into the river for a photoshoot? did the pictures turn out good?”. I love him so much.


Selma was our exchange student from Norway. and let me tell you its so weird that she’s not here anymore! i was so used to her being around that it just feels strange now that she’s gone!